New Page Additions July through September 2017.

Below is a list of links to new and updated pages between July and the end of September 2017. Unexpected off trail distractions (including a mild injury) were many this quarter. As a result, not much happened on the trail or this blog. I only managed to do five hikes. Hopefully, things will settle down and I can get more hiking in and create more pages between now and the end of the year.

My favorite hike this quarter was on a hot day where I started from Cloudburst Summit and hiked down to Cooper Canyon Campground and back up to Winston Ridge, Bump 6903, and Winston Peak. This route provided me with enough nice shady spots to rest, cool down and avoid overheating. It was also my first summit of Bump 6903. This view is from Bump 6903 looking toward Winston Ridge. (7-30-2017).

Clicking on links below will open the page in a new tab so that it will be easier to follow links on those pages and still get back to this one.

Hiking Journal

New Hike Pages (also updated on My Hikes by Distance Page)

Angeles Forest 12 Peak Challenge

52 Hike Challenge 2017 Page.

  • Added hikes #20 through #24 on my 52 Hike Challenge 2017 page. Note: I’m only including different hikes in Angeles National Forest that go to one of the 12 peaks in my 12-Peak Challenge.

New Peaks (also updated on My Peak Bagging Routes Page and My Map Page)

Updated Peaks (also updated on My Peak Bagging Routes Page)

New Trailhead Pages (also updated to My Map Page)

Updated Trailhead Pages


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