Hike: Eaton Saddle to Mt. Markham

The difference between this hike and the last one is that it goes to Mt. Markham instead of Mt. Lowe.  I’ve hiked past Mt. Markham a number of times and never took the trail to the summit because there was no trail indicated on any of my maps or descriptions in any of my books or a sign indicating the trail was more than a x-country trek along a route the water takes down the mountain.

However, I met a group from the Sierra Club last Wednesday just after they finished hiking to Mt. Markham and learned that it was clear how to make it to the peak once one started trekking up the trail a bit.  There are a couple spots where the steepness up the ridge makes it a little unclear how to proceed.  However, if you just continue up the ridge, the trail will become clear again.  The peak itself is unique as it is long and thin and has excellent views.  More information and additional photos here.

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