My First Hike of 2014

I finally stopped coughing up lung cookies and got my first hike of the year under my belt this past Saturday. I hiked solo to Muir Peak from the Cobb Estate. Although I was a little huffy puffy and slow having gotten out of shape due to injury, it was wonderful to be back in the forest.

At 11.6 miles and 2,947′ of gain, it was a good start to training for my planned High Sierra Trail hike this summer. My IT bands passed the test with no pain on the hike, no Aleve, and no soreness the next day (though I discovered my calves are almost as out of shape as my cardio).

Sunset from the Middle Sam Merrill Trail.

Sunset from the Middle Sam Merrill Trail.

Getting a late start turned out to be fortuitous. I enjoyed a great sunset as I made it down the Sam Merrill Trail and was treated to city lights on my way down from Echo Mountain. I feel ready to begin training in earnest and will now start hiking twice a week.

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