Snow Hiking In Los Angeles: Gabrieleno Trail

For awhile I’ve wanted to find more snow hikes that don’t have so much snow on the trail that snowshoes are required and aren’t so steep that microspikes or crampons are required.  We had a short snow storm last week with snow levels getting down to around 2,500 feet yielding a great opportunity for me to find another one. So, last Saturday I went to Red Box and snow hiked the Gabrieleno Trail from Red Box to Valley Forge. This trail turned out to work so well  to snow hike in just my waterproof trail runners that I snow hiked it again with a group of friends and family the following day.  The San Gabriel River also runs next to this trail and crosses it at several points.

Red Box is at about 4,600 feet in altitude and Valley Forge is at about 3,500 feet.  These elevations are important as they are high enough to receive snow several times a year and low enough for the snow to melt within around a week of clear skies with lingering patches on the north slopes a little longer. While the snow is pretty much gone right now, another storm is expected Tuesday and Wednesday with expected snow levels forecasted to once again get down into the 3,000 foot range.  This is a great introductory snow hike especially for those just wanting to experience the snow without needing special equipment.  Click on any image below to start a slideshow.

5 thoughts on “Snow Hiking In Los Angeles: Gabrieleno Trail

  1. My only experience with walking in snow was trudging to class during my university years. I’m not sure I’m over the trauma all these years later. 🙂 Several of my friends are huge fans of snow-shoeing, though. The photos look great.


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