New Additions in February 2015

Below is a list of pages added to this blog/website in February 2015. I didn’t add as many pages this month because I focused more on creating more ways to make it easier to search and find content here. Clicking on links below will open the page in a new tab so that it will be easier to follow links on those pages and still get back to this one.

My favorite February 2015 hike in Angeles National Forest was along the PCT and Kratka Ridge watching the clouds from last weeks storm roll in.

My favorite February 2015 hike in Angeles National Forest was along the PCT and Kratka Ridge watching the clouds from last week’s storm roll in.

I spent some time learning how Google’s My Maps functionality works so that I could create a way for people who prefer to look at maps to find content here.

New My Map Page:

  • My Map. I Created a Google Map for hiking in Angeles National Forest and San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. I added locations of trailhead parking areas, peaks, and points of interest that link back to pages with more information on this blog. I plan to add other categories in the coming months that will eventually link to most of the information I create here. This link also has a tab in the main menu bar and an image link on the side menu bar.

I think printed guidebooks are helpful and I still use them. For me, their major shortcoming is that the medium is forced to rely mostly on descriptions that aren’t always helpful if one doesn’t already possess a good understanding of the landscape. For example, a reader that doesn’t already know the difference between a limber pine and douglas fir won’t be helped by a description stating that one or the other is found on a trail. In a case like this, photos could help one better understand what is being described. Because most of the photos on this site are on trail photo gallery pages, the opportunity to link a gallery of photos to a wide variety of resources exists. Eventually, my reference pages will be a great way to search this blog for more information. This month I focused a lot of my available time on linking descriptions of hikes in two guidebooks (describe below) to photos on my site. Since those two guidebooks are major resources for Angeles National Forest, I’ve added an image of each book with a link to the reference page in the sidebar.

Updated Reference Page:

New Reference Page

Hiking Journal

Updated Peaks:

New  trail photo gallery:

New reference map pages:


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