Nature Question #10: What Species Of Plant Is This?

My Nature Questions are about my asking for help from the blogosphere (and other internet users) to learn about species living in Angeles Forest and to share that learning with others.

The answer to the last question turned out to be an American Robin. As more information is shared, it will appear on the American Robin Forest Life Page where there are already links to more information.

Thanks to Sue from the blog Backyard Biology for identifying this bird.

This week nobody sent me any links to blog articles. I did see several photos using the WordPress Reader. I also noticed one interesting article About Robins from the blog iamabrahamlincoln that describes the order young Robins leave their nests.

If you notice this post and have written (or decide to write) a post on American Robins, send me a link and I will add a link to its forest page and create a reference page like the one for iamabrahamlincoln that links to your blog.

This Week’s Question:  What species of plant is this? The photos in the gallery below were taken from the Lower Sam Merrill Trail. Click to see a larger image.

6 thoughts on “Nature Question #10: What Species Of Plant Is This?

  1. Something interesting to see is when ceanothus burns in a brush fire the shape of the canopy changes: it can straighten and twist in on itself forming something similar to a giant bird cage.


  2. Ceanothus is correct. Specifically, this is “Hairy” ceanothus, and it’s common in the mid-elevations on the front range of the San Gabriels. This particular variety blooms blue, depending on age and location; younger plants growing in the shade produce a deeper bloom.

    There are a number of other varieties at the higher elevations that produce white flowers and a rich, honey-like smell. These plants also tend to have really painful thorns, which makes identification helpful.


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