Weekly Gallery Update #8: Header Images

My Weekly Gallery Updates are about sharing photos I’ve added to the gallery section of this site.  The galleries are my way of creating a visual approach to searching for hikes by having collections of photos that link to information about hiking to where each photo was taken.

Side note for bloggers: One of the reasons I chose the Twenty Eleven Theme was because it has lots of different features and functionality.  I expected that over time I might grow into it.  A feature that recently caught my attention is the option to have random headers load with each page click (WordPress bloggers can find this feature in themes that support it from the dashboard by clicking on the Appearance and then Header tabs).

Since a key component of my blog is to provide visitors with a visual means to find hikes, it makes sense to use the header area to assist in that goal.  I think that having a randomly appearing header image with each page click helps emphasize discovery.  This gallery will work a little different than the others as the images will be organized in alphabetical order by trail name instead of by most recently added.  This will allow someone who wants to know more about a trail in the header image to quickly find it by clicking on the link below the gallery image.  Also, because I need to crop the images to make them header sized, I’m including the whole image in the gallery as well.  I will update this gallery more often than the others to periodically inform people of this functionality.  Presently, there are ten header images, five are shown below.  The rest of them can be seen in the Header Images Gallery.

Pacific Crest Trail, October 2011

Pacific Crest Trail, October 2011


More photos of the Pacific Crest Trail from Mt. Baden-Powell to JCT Dawson Saddle

Lower San Gabriel Peak Trail, December 2011

Lower San Gabriel Peak Trail, December 2011


More photos of the Lower San Gabriel Peak Trail. 

Silver Moccasin Trail, February 2012

Silver Moccasin Trail, February 2012


More photos of the Silver Moccasin Trail between Charlton Flats and Little Pines Loop

Upper Sam Merrill Trail, January 2012

Upper Sam Merrill Trail, January 2012


More photos of the Upper Sam Merrill Trail

Valley Forge Trail, November 2012

Valley Forge Trail, November 2012


More photos of the Valley Forge Trail

4 thoughts on “Weekly Gallery Update #8: Header Images

    • Thanks Sue. I think this is a key strength of this system. We can just get going and produce without needing to figure everything out at once. Later, we can tinker, learn, experiment, and easily change things. I’m developing a long list of things to explore so that my blog develops over time.


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