Spider Webs For Halloween

Thankfully, I don’t have any spooky Halloween hiking experiences to share.  However, Halloween decorations (especially ones including spiders and spider webs) inspired me to give an account of my day hiking among numerous unexpectedly visible spider webs.  It was on a gloomy June day in 2011 with heavy mist in the air and some brief periods of light rain.  I was hiking in an area I had hiked numerous times before and had never seen many webs.  Perhaps a few in a day at most.  However, the misty air brought dew onto the webs magnificently exposing them.  Over the course of the day I easily saw hundreds of webs, but only one spider.  It was another one of those times where weather dramatically alters the experience of the day and radically changes what I focus on.  In addition to how many webs there were, I found it surprising how many of the webs were right next to each other.  The forest was just teeming with them–which underscored their normal effectiveness at appearing invisible to their spider’s prey.  I remember my mind wandering at one point and thinking of the Invisible Man suddenly becoming seen in the rain.  Enjoy the gallery below of some of  those spider webs as this blog’s Halloween Treat and have a happy and safe Halloween.

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