Preparing To Return To The Forest

I’m looking forward to returning to the forest on Thursday or Friday. It’s been a long recovery from Iliotibial Band Syndrome. My only foray into the forest since August 1st was a short 3 mile walk to Switzer Falls on September 26th. It was more difficult than I expected and I knew more rest was needed as the band tightened up where it connects with my knee and I was sore there the next day. In addition to trying to heal, numerous other matters cropped up that also played a role in keeping me away from hiking and blogging.

Butterfly near Switzer Falls

Butterfly near Switzer Falls

I finally got around to updating my hiking journal today to reflect the addition of my short September walk with my friend Bryan. I chose the photo of the butterfly above to represent it. I recall really enjoying watching this butterfly from below from a vantage point in the shade with a view of the light from the sun shinning through its wings. Admittedly, I didn’t notice the tongue sticking out until I got home and looked at my photographs. I think my knee is going to hold up this time (considering it did well touring Hills and Stairs University–aka Humboldt State University–with my wife and daughter last week) and I expect to be blogging regularly again soon.

17 thoughts on “Preparing To Return To The Forest

  1. Kyle, have you ever tried a foam roller for the IT band? You have to go easy at first, but I have found it to work wonders for my IT bands and other tight spots! I believe it is technically called myofascial release. Happy trails!


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