Mt. Waterman Trail to Summit

Trailhead: Mt.Waterman Trailhead

Trailhead off of Angeles Crest Highway between Mt. Waterman Ski Area and Buckhorn Day Use Area.

Trail: Mt. Waterman Trail to Mt. Waterman Summit

Stats: Trailhead to Summit: 3 miles, 1250′ gain.  From Summit to Trailhead: 3 miles, 1250′ loss.  Round trip: 6 miles 1250′ gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 7-9-2015

Trail Segments:Take the Mt. Waterman Trail 1 and turn right at the junction with the Mt Waterman Summit Trail to reach the summit.

Peaks: Mt. Waterman

 Photos: Mt. Waterman Trail 1, Mt. Waterman Summit Trail

View of Twin Peaks (East Peak) from Mt. Waterman

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