Red Box to Valley Forge

Trailhead: Red Box Trailhead

View down stairway leading from parking lot to trail

Trail: Gabrieleno Trail from Red Box to Valley Forge

Stats: From Red Box to Valley Forge: 2.3 miles, 1,160′ loss.  From Valley Forge to Red Box, 2.3 miles, 1,160′ gain.  Round Trip: 4.6 miles, 1,160′ gain and loss

Last Hiked: 2-5-2015

Trail Segments:  GT: Red Box to Valley Forge

Campground: Valley Forge Campground

Photos: GT: Red Box to Valley Forge

This hike is just one segment along the Gabrieleno National Recreation Trail (which is just over 28 miles long in its entirety).  This short portion of the trail is a shady trek that mostly follows the San Gabriel River.  This area suffered far less damage from the Station Fire and the trail is in good condition throughout.  The San Gabriel River is often in view when the trail isn’t next to it.  There are some small river crossings.

View of San Gabriel River at one of the river crossings along the trail.

14 thoughts on “Red Box to Valley Forge

  1. I just found your site and I am very happy I found it! I just did a little overnight with my six year old son and found this to be a nice hike. Water in the stream was flowing well enough to filter. There was a couple of groups here, but plenty of room to set up a site. Your photos make finding the trail and the way so easy! I created a PDF of your page re: this hike and saved it to my phone. It made life so easy. Thank you very much.


  2. Great hike! Campground is really nice and spacious. Look for the little wooden bridge for even more spaces! Some gnats and mosquitos, so bring bug repellant if they bother you, but we were fine without it. There was plenty of water throughout the hike on 6/11/13. Also lots of flowers. Make sure you check out the Gabrieleno Trail 7 trail segment link on this page as the directions and pictures there were a huge help. Thanks to the page owner for making such an awesome guide! The best we’ve found!!!


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  4. Hiked this one yesterday, although I guess I’d forgotten that there was a campground eentually so we didn’t go quite that far – I’m guessing we came up maybe half a mile short. But its a lovely little jaunt and there were indeed many places with running water (great for the hound) and the flowers were also beautiful. Plenty ‘o poison ok, that’s for sure! Saw a deer and one small coiled rattlesnake. The dog thankfully noticed neither.


  5. Indeed it does, Kyle. Saw you hiked it a month ago… do you suppose there’s still water in the crik? We did about 3/4 of the route you recommended yesterday, from Dawson Saddle. Went past Throop Peak but my friend didn’t think she could make it all the way to the top of Baden-Powell so we stopped along the way and had lunch.

    I ask about water because the dog ended up drinking 3/4 of our supply! So if there was available canine H2O that would be a plus.


    • Yes, there should still be water in the San Gabriel River along this portion of the trail. More as you get closer to Valley Forge. I know for sure there was a lot of water flowing last year in August a little further up the trail at West Fork. I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s trek. We went Saturday.


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